When I go to see Taylor for my massage, she asks about my areas of concern and not only listens but comes up with a very focused plan to address the areas. She is so in tune with what kind of pressure my muscles need, and uses clever stretches that relieve my tension in such a satisfying and unique way. I enjoy her use of movement of limbs and grounding compressions throughout the massage. All of this combined with a sweet playlist turns the session into an exhilarating experience. I leave feeling relaxed and lighter than air.
— Alexys J

Happy Clients


I am incredible picky about my massages, and I am so happy to have found Taylor. She is truly skilled. Her massages are customized, deep (if that's what you prefer), and very therapeutic.

— lacey H

Taylor Noel is pure perfection! I always leave revitalized and in a much better place.

— erik d

Super respectful of what I needed and wanted and worked on my shoulders and neck like nobody else has. Absolutely the best. I work a very stressful job and can rarely truly relax, but I must say, I was totally lost in the moment of relaxation and to make that happen is quite impressive.

— laura m

AMAZING, and the best massage in Denver.   Taylor is able to help with my headaches, relieve my muscle tension, and give me the massage my body needs every time!!! 

— Kristi b


Taylor is magical. In general she has so much knowledge about health and wellness. She also gives an amazing massage.

— Bethy m

Taylor has helped me heal physically and emotionally through her massage. I know how that sounds but so much of trauma lives in the body and bodywork is bound to bring it to the surface. Taylor knows how to handle intense emotional experiences, how to support health and wellness, and how to do so while loving and supporting all bodies. You won't be judged but met with compassion and a fervent belief in you. Cannot recommend Taylor highly enough!

— Sierra F

Absolute Bae of Wellness. Have witnessed with my own eyes. 10/10.

— Ryan F

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— Chan Brian