Wellness in every sense of the word.





the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

Whether it's your body, your mind, or your business, if you're feeling stuck, we can help. 


Massage Therapy and Yoga

From Myofascial Release to Craniosacral therapy, Vinyasa flow to guided meditation, energy work to fire cupping, we offer a variety of modalities to rejuvenate the body and enliven the spirt.

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Wellness Coaching

Our goal is to help our clients break old habits and create new ones to help them become who they've always wanted to be. Our coaching packages are uniquely tailored to each individual ranging from nutrition consulting, to home and work environment assessment, to exercise and movement therapies.

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Conscious Consulting

You have the vision. We build the tracks to get you there. Our experience in business management, social media marketing and campaigning, and human resources is a wealth of support for our clients' budding business ventures. We focus on your dream and implement systems to match. Passion isn't a one-size-fits-all, so why should your company be?

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Our Practice

Our massage and bodywork services are available in the metro area of Denver, CO. Private yoga sessions can be provided locally or online. Consulting services are provided online nationwide.


We believe that wellness is the thread that runs through every aspect of life. We can't only address the person, the home, or the workspace; we address all of the above.

—  Taylor Noel Jordan, Founder

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A Top 10 Service

A brand new approach. We start at the root, and then we help you grow.